Enttec Open DMX USB Interface

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The open DMX USB hardware solution provided to the community by ENTTEC

This project has been released with a GPL license, you are free to do what ever you want with the design, with the following restrictions:

  • Any modification to the hardware or software must be given back to the community.
  • You cannot remove or modify any copyright notice.

This DMX USB interface is based on the FTDI 232BM chip, it's a USB to serial converter. Using a simple application on a PC you can send DMX512.

If you download the example or any user project you will also need the USB drivers available here 
We provide schematics which are almost copies of the FTDI reference design and example software.

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Enttec Open DMX USB Interface avulla kaikentyyppiset PC:t voivat lähettää DMX-signaaleja USB:n kautta.

Open DMX USB Interface Enttec sopii muun muassa ilmaiseen Freestyler-ohjelmistoon.

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