Keinotekoinen viikunapuu, 180 cm

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Hintavastaava ja turvallinen toimitus

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Erikoistuote: Toimitetaan 5-8 arkipäivässä

Malli/tuotenumero: EUP-82506116

  • Keinotekoinen suuri viikunapuu, 180 cm.
  • Koristeellinen ja luonnollisen näköinen


Trees with natural stems:
  Advice for natural arrangement of its branches
  These trees look remarkably natural because they have been hand-made, following the principles of botany. The leaves will be slightly flattened after transport, and so you will have to rearrange them by bending. Please note that they should not be bent by a right angle away from the stem. The branches have been fixed to the stem facing upwards and they should basically remain in this direction, until they are gently pressed downwards by hand (four or five bends along the branches are a great help with this). How strong you might bend a branch (depending on the localities), never should a branch from further up the stem reach down below a branch situated under it on the stem!

Two-colored leaves quicken the appearance

  • Natural trunks with vines
  • Natural structured crown
  • 1008 leaves
  • Cemented
  • Height 180 cm




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